September 13, 2007

Let the train take the drain

Yesterday was my first day out doing grown-up things like going on a train and the underground to go to the BBC at White City for a recording of new Jimmy Carr programme.

I wore shoes and everything. Gosh it was exciting.

We made it to Oxford Circus. Unfortunately I disappeared through a loose drain grill at the bottom of the steps up to my knee in black liquid rat, or similar. Whatever it was it stunk to high heaven.

A body part disappearing from sight does have a comedy tinge but the upshot was that we were very delayed as I had to get cleaned up in the manager’s office while Mick rushed out to buy me new shoes. There was something disturbingly pleasing about having the station manager on his knees helping to wash my feet :)

While I was in there the announcement was made to shut the Central line following the drivers’ refusal to continue after the earlier derailment.

After all this I was left hobbling and unable to continue on other lines and buses so we sadly had to give up. I also seem to have a whiplash injury - which really does add insult to the episode!

I’m wondering if ‘Transport for London’ will pay for the shoes?!