November 05, 2007


Here we are then in November and I’m already bored with Christmas references - argh make it stop! Did you have a good Halloween with much trick or treating? Are you ready now with your rockets and sparklers or is that too personal?

I enjoyed my interview with Mary Harboe on Thursday for R.E.M as there’s something very cosy and intimate about radio. I did it live which adds to that personal feeling but only works well when the interviewer is good at their job. Mary is superb and rallied on despite being stuffed with a cold that she’d caught in the UK. If it is archived I’ll let you know.

As if that wasn’t excitement enough we saw Stardust at the cinema. What a good film. Gentle, funny and full of magic with so many good actors. Michelle Pfeiffer is the best baddie ever.

Talking of magic did you know that you can see the insides of some of the books on Amazon? It is an actual virtual bookshop (I love oxymorons). Should you have an irresistible urge to look at mine don’t fight it just click here.

I’ve had a lovely review from someone and they’ve given my book 5 stars. Aren’t people kind to take the time to write a review. Thank you if you’re reading this.

A quick funny;
Me, “There’s a unicorn in the film we saw.”
Charlie, “What?” A little too excited ...
Me, “There’s unicorn in the film we saw.”
Charlie who by now was very excited, “Really?”
Me, “Yes. In Stardust”
Her face dropped :(
She thought I’d said, “There’s a unicorn in the field next door.”

Our childhood dreams never go and we must never let them.


Anonymous said...

I love oxymorons too but I couldn't eat a whole one! I read the pages available on Amazon and enjoyed them very much and so have ordered your book. You must be very proud.Mysterious Myrtle;-)

barb said...

Thank you x