December 04, 2007

Good, not so good and downright ugly

We are thrilled to announce that Vinnie is going to be a big brother as Charlie is growing a new baby in her tummy.
She has been feeling rather yucky but not actually being sick. This is a plus as she spent most of the last pregnancy with her head down the loo!

We have been out and about: I did a Cosmic Ordering day with Bärbel Mohr for the fun of it and for researching differing methods for my book. It was a great day; one of the best workshops I’ve ever attended.

Mick and I floated back to Southwold on route to Thetford last week and stayed in a strange guest house. There isn’t a lot of choice in accommodation if you want to be by the sea and it’s hard to be critical when bits of it, including the host were lovely.

We had a delicious supper in the Red Lion that seemed a good start but ... for each plus ... back in our room the shower was big enough to hold a small party in and the room itself was ok-ish.

It was bedtime when it all went horribly wrong!

On every wall, including the loo which was in the room like a corner cupboard, were borrowed lights. Why? To ensure it never got dark. I put up with it until midnight when I couldn’t bear it any longer so toddled off to save the planet and my sanity.

What a tummy flipping feeling when you hear that very unreassuring clunk of the bedroom door closing behind you.

I located the light and switched it off in glee but my noise disturbed the man in the room next door. I know this because I heard him pee as the walls offered as much soundproofing as tissue paper. His saving grace was that I also heard him put down the seat when he’d finished.

Throughout the night various people used various loos and there were doors opening and closing, flushing, talking and ... things I really can’t share. My highlight or low-light was having a nightmare which Mick cuddled away, thanks Hon.

It would be easy to get very grumpy and cross the day after but it was a good lesson in remembering to not stay there again.

All in all it was a bad night. Still, lovely sausage.

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