December 28, 2007


It is nearly a month since I blogged. I'm blaming it on the elves?!?

The image on the right is from Perth Now

Which way round is she spinning to you?
Can you make her change with the power of your mind?

Christmas came along and whizzed by like it was after a speed record: it should get a certificate. Charlie and I popped to ASDA on Christmas eve and they were taking the decorations down. It was a little bizarre that they should be removed before the big day when they’ve been up for what seemed like most of the year leading up to it!

I had a moment in the check-out queue whereby I seriously considered fainting. The only thing that kept me upright was the thought of coming round to the sound of Charlie laughing at my dramatic behaviour. This happened once before many years ago when a horse knocked me flying and I came round face down in the mud to the echo of her hysterics. She couldn’t ask if I was ok or even check if I was still alive as she was unable to breathe enough to speak through the convulsions.

I don’t know what set off the greyness (apparently I was a most peculiar colour) perhaps shops at Christmas have that affect on many but it is kept secret. Anyway it soon passed and no medical attention was required.

On Christmas day itself we lolled about opening fantastic gifts and a ho ho time was had by all.

Hope all was happy and peaceful if you were celebrating anything and indeed if you weren’t.

Charlie's baby is over 12 weeks now and is 42mm long.

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