January 05, 2008

It is big and it is clever

New year new layout. I got a bit pinked out by the old blog colours and thought this one looked worth a try out. What do you think?

We brought our new year in on the Embankment watching the fireworks directly opposite the London Eye with Pete Tong entertaining us and piles of police horse poop freaking out the city dwellers. Home from home for us.
It was crowded, in your belly loud, pretty, enthralling and the most perfect way to forget old acquaintances because if they’re forgotten that’s probably for the best. New year’s eve has never really done it for me with all that singing and arm linking. Russell Brand puts it beautifully in My Booky Wook when he writes, “I don’t think bliss should be preceded by a countdown and the chiming of a pompous clock.”
Nor do I. But, the exception, to the rules of pomposity, has to be broken by anything that has ‘Big’ in it’s title. As in Big Bang, Big Apple, Big Mac and Big Ben.

I’ve contributed to the New Years Revolution blog - the 1st will appear on the 8th January: eyes left now instead of right. Please drop by if you feel jaded or miserable at the thought of yet more resolutions that might be the same as last year. These are all motivating and soul jiggling.

I have decided that the way forward is to create a wish list. Wishes always come true hence the importance of being careful.

Lizzie and I have will soon have dates for courses and retreats with the 1st being in February.

Congratulations to Charlie and Joel who have been married a whole year tomorrow x

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