February 27, 2008

As I was going to St Ives

I’m writing this from St Ives feeling very mellow. From my ‘office’ (bar) in the Pedn Olva the sea is shimmering through every window. It is bliss. Mick is working and I’m, um, well ... drinking coffee.

Click here if you'd like to share the view with me.

The journey down was fun. The train took the strain magnificently. I had one of those little bottles of wine and I felt positively decadent sipping from my plastic cup as we hurtled along the coast.

We had an unscheduled stop because there were animals on the line but the lady announcer never said what they were so I decided it was lions and tigers and bears. The long part of the journey was 4.5 hours but the time whizzed by and it is a good way to travel.

Last week I had an interview with Paul Jacobs on City Talk 105.9. We talked about stress related matters following the sad story about Paul Gascoigne being sectioned. We had a good natter live on his Drive Time show and he rather fancies being regressed so Liverpool here I come.

I am going to do some work now. I have got a book to write after all.

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