March 16, 2008

Eating words

I have moved into the delightful little cottage in St Ives for a few weeks to complete my book. It is perfect. There isn’t any wifi so I either visit the library or stroll to the Pedn Olva for a coffee. Guess where I am now.
It is the coolest place. A family has arrived with a dog and the waitress has brought him a bowl of water.

Yesterday I wrote 2000 words and then decided to take a break. At that exact moment everything crashed. Despite me knowing all was saved I do know that computers lie when they have eaten everything they can get their vicious little teeth into. I think it is spite - they do it because they hate us. Because we can’t manage without them they remind us of the power they have to destroy. (Can you tell how cross I was?)

It was a horrible feeling but I decided not to wallow for too long. It was 4.55pm. Did Woolworth shut at 5 for me to get some cds to save it all onto? Yes yes I know I should have done that sooner but ... it was on my list.

I hotfooted to the shops and discovered they were open. Got discs rushed back to the still sulking machine and told it who was boss! Managed to reopen it all and praise to the Goddess of Apple it had saved. It is now on the machine in several formats, on cd and on a memory stick.
Serves me right for installing office on my beautiful mac book.

Although cloudy the sun is out now, the sea is shimmering and all is well in my world.

News from home is that one of the scorpions has shed it’s skin.