March 18, 2008

The Old Fashioned Way

How quaint my life is here. The mobile has an occasional signal upstairs but it moves about.

Messages arrive in quick flurries of excitement almost tripping over themselves in their rush to land. I did my clothes washing by hand in the bath and then used the spin-drier. It jumped about the room with me in a fit of giggles until it settled peacefully in the place it felt happy and balanced.

There are no distractions here… apart from me wondering how the sea is looking. Or, how busy it is along the harbour. Or, nipping out for a quick drink. Or, the seagulls yelling at each other when they spot a likely tourist not guarding their pasty. Or, how different is the light reflecting off the sea since the last time I looked, about an hour ago. Or, how near the shops are – time for a quick wander. It is such a novelty for me to walk to the shops but I obviously haven’t realised I am away from home though as I nearly bought cat food on Monday.

What fun I’m having. All this plus the pleasure of writing.

News from home – the lobster was lost. Can you imagine those few moments of realisation and wondering where on earth it might have gone? Had it climbed out and done a runner waving its big claw at the dog and cats escaping at last through the cat flap in search of a Mrs Lobster? Maybe the fish consumed it with a slice of lemon?
All was well. They get in things you know, like the dark depths of the filter. Paul found it.