March 12, 2008

Snap happy

When the children were small we had an assortment of pets. Some we bought and some we were gifted. Mostly they were sweet and fluffy: kittens, puppies, bunnies with the occasional feathery offering; chickens – (until a thoughtless neighbour allowed their dog out to eat them!)(Something no crafty fox had managed).
We had a snake for many years and if you’ve read this blog before you are aware of the snails.

Over the years if something died or disappeared (as in cats) we would get new until the time was reached when we decided everyone was past it and there would be no more new additions. The smalls moaned despite the fact they mostly had nothing to do with the creatures unless we were away and they were holiday monitors.

I’m not sure what the latest phase might be but recently Mick has mentioned how nice it would be to get more chickens (Vinnie can collect fresh eggs) and Paul has a des-res tank with scorpions in it. They eat silent crickets. It’s a good job they are silent as they tend to escape and bounce about the place making us jump.

However, the new zoo doesn’t end there. Oh no. In with the fish is a blue lobster. Yes, lobster. Thanks again to Paul.
The only comment made so far is, “When will it be big enough to eat?”
Don’t think pets can be eaten … even lobsters.

When we go away now the list of animal tasks is growing exponentially as I’ve just discovered while I prepare to leave for St Ives. I’ve been offered the use of a cottage to complete my book. Thanks to Paul for arranging it and to Mick for offering to drive me down.

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