March 22, 2008

Snow way

Snow in St Ives! Who’d have thought it what with it being Spring. It is very exciting but flipping cold in my gingerbread house. Oh, it’s only that in my mind … is it?
Seconds before I had told Charlie it was unlikely to snow here. What do I know eh?

When you’re alone you can do what you like. This might be strolling about naked (too cold) to belly-dancing (why not) to swigging directly from bottles, safe in the knowledge that no-one else is around to, a) see you, or b) do the same. The other morning after putting on the kettle I grabbed the bottle of sparkling water and poured it down my throat. I had a few seconds of complete confusion with how it tasted. It was wine.

Now, I would have professed that wine can be drunk at any time but it can’t. Please know that 1st thing in the morning it is gross. The only time booze can be consumed for breakfast is if your time zone is off kilter through inter-galactic travel or you happen to be in an airport when drink is compulsory whatever the time.

I’ve got a bit of a routine now which is scaring me but hopefully it won’t last. Mick sent the old laptop and I’m able to go online with a dial-up which takes ages but is still quicker than going out for an internet fix. This means I can check emails, pop out for a walk and shopping, return to write, eat, write and then have a drink – not from the bottle. I sometimes write in the evenings or in the night, it’s a mood thing. It's wonderful being able to pop out for fresh stuff and see the sea at the same time.

Charlie just called from home to say the sun came out so they whizzed outside to play. After a little while it started to snow a bit which was fun for Vinnie. Within a few moments though it turned into a blizzard and trapped them in the stable for 10 minutes. Fortunately Vinnie still thought it a good game watching Joel brave the elements for a few moments of frivolity.

Other home news – Paul had a knee operation on Tuesday. It turned out more messy than expected and the surgeon performed micro-fractures which causes new cartilage to form. It’ll be good in the long run but means 6 weeks on crutches which isn’t much fun.
Good job they've got a PS3 to play with. Shame I'll whoop their arses when I get back. The gauntlet is laid!

I've put the comments button back. We'll wait to see what happens x


Minx said...

Hope the writering is going well despite the winter climate!

barb said...

Thank you.
It was so exciting I too had a flurry of activity ;0